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Minnesota Computer Recycling In Minnesota, it is unlawful to dispose CRT computer monitors and TV’s in trash. It is also unlawful to dispose flat-panel video display devices including computer monitors, TV’s and laptops in trash. These electronics equipments must be recycled.

Every year, 30-40 millions of computers become obsolete in the United States. Each computer contains a significant amount of valuable materials, such as metals, plastics and glass. For example, the amount of gold extracted from one ton of computer scrap equals that from 17 tons of gold ore. Through computer recycling, these materials can be recovered and reused for manufacturing new computers.

Minneapolis St Paul Computer & Electronics Recycling Centers

MN Electronics Disposal If the old computers are not disposed properly, they can pose a serious threat to our environment. Computers contain many toxic and carcinogenic substances, such as lead, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), cadmium, and chromium. On average, one CRT computer monitor contains about 4 pounds of lead. If these computers end up in landfills, they can cause dangerous pollution to water and air.

Computer components contain a large amount of valuable substances that can be recycled and reused. Lead, copper, and gold can extracted from old computer motherboards, monitors, memory chips, keyboards, mice and hard disks. An old-styled 15-inch CRT monitor may contain up to 1.5 pounds of lead and a 21-inch monitor may contain up to 7-8 pounds of lead. If such a large quantity of metals are disposed carelessly, it can pose serious harm to our environment.

Help Protect Minnesota Natural Environment

In Minnesota, especially in the Minneapolis St Paul metro area, there are many computer recycling facilities that collect and process old computer equipment. There are plenty of recycle drop-off centers that accept old computers, CRT monitors, LCD monitors, keyboards, mice, hard disks, and other electronics including TVs, VCRs and tape recorders.

At this web site, you will find recycling centers by Minnesota counties. Please keep in mind that each recycling center operates independently. The types of equipment accepted by each recycling center may vary. Some recycling centers charge a fee to dispose your old equipment. Please contact the recycling centers close to you and find out all the details.

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