Minnesota Computer Recycling

About Minnesota Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling Minneapolis St Paul In Minnesota, as in most states, homeowners and businesses are prohibited from discarding computers and other electronic products in their trash. Since trash collected by cities and garbage hauling companies ends up in landfills, some of the materials in computers and electronic equipment can create a toxic hazard. This presents a dilemma for people looking for ways to properly dispose of broken or otherwise unneeded equipment. The Minnesota Environmental Protection Agency offers some information on companies and locations that properly recycle computer hardware, television sets, and other technological waste. Its website is difficult to find, however, and can be hard for individuals and businesses to use easily.

As a leading business IT support company, Computer Lifeline decided in 2011 to create a new, comprehensive website to help individuals and businesses find environmentally safe ways to dispose of high-tech devices. As a public service and not affiliated with any computer recycling company or organization, the Minnesota Computer Recycling free directory website makes it easy for consumers and business owners to locate recycling facilities for computers and other electronic equipment in Minnesota. Since 2011, over 46,000 visitors have come to this computer and electronics recycling directory website to find proper ways to get rid of unwanted and unused equipment.

How the Minnesota Computer Recycling Website Works

Old Computers Electronics Through an easy-to-use interactive map and county-by-county listings, Minnesota Computer Recycling lists businesses and non-profit organizations that accept computers, televisions, VCRs, DVD players, printers, tablets, smartphones and other electronic equipment for recycling. Some services are free for consumers, while others charge varying fees for accepting materials for recycling. For each recycling center listed, this site provides telephone contact numbers and addresses, making it simple for Minnesotans to find, contact and access the recycling services they need.

Information about the recycling services listed on this website comes from multiple sources, including from the services themselves. All information here is subject to change, of course, and we recommend that visitors to this website contact the recyclers near them for current hours, policies, and any fees they may charge. Computer Lifeline, the developer of this website, is not a computer recycler, and all information we have on individual recycling companies and organizations appears on this website.

How You Can Support Minnesota Computer Recycling

Computer Lifeline, the owner of this site, does not charge companies listed here for listings, and has no affiliation with any recycling company. This website is provided as a public service as a means of helping Minnesotans properly recycle their electronic equipment. We do accept donations from the public and from the recycling industry to help us maintain this website and to expand its capabilities, and all donated funds are used only for those purposes.