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Recycling Consumer Electronics in Minnesota

The computer recycling companies and organizations listed in our website also accept a wide range of other electronic devices for recycling and proper disposal. Since not every facility accepts all items, it’s important to contact the local companies or organizations before taking items to them. You’ll discover their hours, identify what items they accept and learn about any disposal fees for particular items. Whether you are a company or individual, it’s easy to get rid of obsolete, non-functional, and unwanted devices properly. By using our directory, you’ll save time and help recover valuable resources, while protecting Minnesota’s natural environment. Some of the consumer electronic products that should always be handled by dedicated electronics disposal experts include:

Keep Consumer Electronics out of Landfills – Minnesota Recycles!

In every home and business in Minnesota an enormous variety of electronic technology can be found. Living in the Information Age means that we all purchase high-tech devices. All of them soon become obsolete and require replacement. Like all technology, they also eventually stop working and need to be discarded. It’s illegal to put these devices in your trashcan for collection in Minnesota, so finding a local facility to properly recycle or safely deal with these products is essential. That’s why we’ve created our easy-to-use website. You can use our interactive maps and directories to find a convenient location that will accept your items. Get rid of your technological clutter and protect Minnesota’s water and air by using our directory.