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Data Security Is Critical When Recycling Computers

When making the decision to recycle unwanted PCs, data security and privacy is extremely important. Even a non-functional PC still has a hard drive full of data inside it. For businesses, this can include sensitive customer or client data, as well as other business data. Home PCs usually contain personal data, financial data, passwords, and other sensitive material.

When such data falls into the wrong hands, it can be disastrous. For businesses, the loss and misuse of confidential customer and business data can lead to lawsuits and even business failure. Personal information on home PCs can end up in criminals’ possession. They may steal your identity and empty your bank accounts.

Whether you’re sending computers to the recycling center for destructive recycling or donating them to charity, it’s essential that all sensitive data be removed completely. Even PCs that are being moved from one part of a business to another should be cleaned up, since not all data belongs in all departments of a business.

Simple Measures Aren’t Safe

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Simply deleting data files or even formatting a computer’s hard drive isn’t enough. Data can still be recovered from deleted files or from a freshly formatted hard drive. It’s not even difficult to do, using readily available software. Removing sensitive data completely from PCs isn’t terribly difficult, and it’s absolutely essential. There are several ways to make certain your data is gone before you recycle computers: