Minnesota Computer Recycling

Minnesota Computer Recycling and Disposal Information for Consumers

Consumers and businesses share a strong concern for the state’s environmental quality. As a state that loves the outdoors and cares about the quality of its air, water, and open spaces, recycling is an important part of daily life throughout our beautiful state. On this website, we want to help Minnesotans understand the reasons we should take disposal of electronics and computer equipment seriously. Only by treating these materials properly when we are finished with them can we protect the environment, recover valuable resources and help to ensure that Minnesota’s environment remains beautiful and protected from harm. At the links below, you’ll find information about technology and e-waste recycling:

Computer and High-Tech Recycling Benefits All of Us

We’ve created this website as a public service to Minnesota residents and businesses. We believe that it’s important for everyone to work together to protect Minnesota’s precious environment. Recycling e-waste is just one way we can do that. We hope you’ll use the maps and directories on this site to find the resources you need, and that you’ll share that information with others. We do not make any profit from this website, and have no business relationship with any of the recycling companies or organizations in our directory.