Minnesota Computer Recycling

Recover Valuable Metals from Computers and Electronics

Few Minnesotans think of their obsolete or broken computers and other electronics devices as potential gold mines. Instead, we think of them as useless junk. In reality, our desktop PCs, laptops, and the portable electronic devices we use daily are a rich resource, containing precious and valuable metals. Each year more than 300 tons of gold and 7500 tons of silver are used in the manufacture of high-tech equipment. If that equipment is sent to landfills, it’s easy to imagine how much money is lost. Recovering that lost gold, silver and other valuable metals is now a global business, fed by a steady stream of recycled electronic technology.

That e-waste stream is now a literal gold mine. That is because recovering valuable metals from recycled materials costs up to 75% less than mining and refining them from their ore minerals. Both in the United States and around the world, jobs are created, economies benefit, and the metals recovered are reused in a wide range of industries. A number of valuable metals are recovered in this process, including:

Recovering Valuable Metals from Electronics Is Good Business

An entire global industry dedicated to recovering a wide range of resources from computers and electronic waste has developed in the past 30 years. It’s constantly growing as the value of recovered materials and the benefits of keeping toxic materials out of the environment becomes better known. By finding and using local recycling facilities in our Minnesota Computer Recycling directory for your outdated, unwanted, and obsolete electronics, you’ll create jobs and help to protect the environment, both in our own state and around the world. It’s a winning strategy all around.