Minnesota Computer Recycling

Minnesota Landfills Are No Place for Electronic Waste

In 2007, when the Minnesota state legislature passed a law prohibiting dumping computers, electronic equipment and other high-tech waste in landfills, the need for new solutions was clear. Homeowners and businesses throughout the state could no longer just toss their old electronic devices in the trash can or dumpster. That new law reflected a recognition that hazardous materials did not belong in landfills, where toxic substances could leach into our precious water supplies. In addition, the waste of valuable resources, like precious metals and other materials made no sense at all. All of the growing number of computers, television sets, cell phones and other electronic equipment required new solutions for disposal. Our landfills were overflowing and wasteful practices needed to stop. Minnesotans embraced this new strategy overwhelmingly.

A Network of Minnesota High-Tech Recycling Centers

After the 2007 law was passed, Minnesota businesses began working to provide places where consumers and businesses could take their unwanted electronic devices for proper handling. Some retailers, like Best Buy, announced that they would accept such equipment for recycling. Minnesota cities and counties began accepting high-tech equipment as part of their seasonal recycling programs. New businesses and organizations were founded on a for-profit or non-profit basis to meet the demand. Today, every county in Minnesota has recycling operations available to its residents for their computer recycling needs. However, it was sometimes difficult for people to find these facilities quickly. That’s why this website was created. By providing an interactive website with maps and directories, it helps individuals and businesses locate nearby e-waste recycling facilities.

Identifying the Right Computer and Electronic Recycler for Your Needs

Not all computer recycling companies and organizations accept all electronic devices. Retail stores accept some, but not all devices. For example, you can take an old cell phone or smart phone to your nearest dealer and they will be glad to recycle it. But they don’t accept desktop computers. Before loading up your unused and unwanted electronics, it’s always best to contact the recycling facilities you locate on this website to make sure they accept what you want to recycle. In almost all cases, if you have something they do not accept, they will be glad to tell you who accepts it in your area.

You can pack up your items and take them to a local recycling center yourself and get rid of unwanted clutter. If you’re not able to do so, or you have large quantities of electronic waste, ask whether you can arrange for a pick up. Some recycling services offer pick up services, including many local trash hauling services and selected recycling companies. There is usually a fee involved.

Donating Functioning Equipment Is a Good Option

Computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets, cell phones and other computing devices are often replaced, even though they are in good working order. Donating those items to a worthy organization is a great way to get rid of them, while providing access to technology for those who could not afford the hardware. You’ll extend the useful life of your devices and help overcome the information gap for disadvantaged people.

Minnesota Supports Computer Recycling

The goal of this Minnesota Computer Recycling website is to help Minnesotans to find the resources they need for proper disposal and handling of surplus, unwanted and obsolete computers and other electronic technology. By making it easy for anyone to find nearby resources and recycling facilities, we try to simplify the process. This website is offered as a public service to Minnesotans and in other states as well. We do not profit from this website and we have no business affiliations with the businesses or organizations listed in our directory. If you’d like to support our effort, we welcome your donations in any amount, and will use them only to operate and maintain this website, and to expand into other states.