Minnesota Computer Recycling

Recycle Tablet Computers, Smart Phones & E-Readers in Minnesota

Minnesotans are rapidly adopting the latest technology, which includes smartphones, tablet computers, and e-readers. In fact, for most people, these are beginning to replace desktop computers, laptops and notebooks. It’s no wonder. Today, we can carry amazing computer power in our pocket or briefcase and work or play just about anywhere, while keeping in touch with friends, family and business contacts. Like earlier communications and computer technology, these new devices soon become obsolete. Manufacturers constantly tempt us with newer and better models. Dealing with no-longer-used portable devices is a chore, but, like other e-waste, these devices should be properly handled and not just put in the household trash.

Each device contains hazardous materials, as well as valuable metals that should be recovered and reused. Rechargeable batteries in our cell phones, tablets and other small devices contain hazards to the environment. The companies and organization listed in our website also accept these smaller devices and will help you clear the clutter of outmoded and non-functioning technology from your life. Anywhere in Minnesota, you’ll find a facility ready to accept your information and communications technological waste. Other options also exist for disposal of devices you no longer need, including:

Recycle your Handheld Devices – Don’t Throw Them Away

Look around your home or business. You’ll probably find a surprising number of old cell phones, tablet computers, and other small electronic devices. Even though they were once an important part of your life, you’ve replaced them with newer, better models and have stashed the old ones in a drawer or on a shelf. Box all of them up and sell, recycle or donate them to streamline your life and remove clutter. You’ll benefit others, help create jobs and keep possibly harmful materials out of your local landfill and out of Minnesota’s air and water. You’ll find all the resources you need right here on the Minnesota Computer Recycling website.