Minnesota Computer Recycling

Eliminate Toxic Materials from Minnesota’s Environment – Recycle!

Obsolete, broken, and unused technological equipment, including computers, smart phones and other handheld, portable and desktop equipment make up part of a serious problem for Minnesota. Along with a wide variety of consumer and business electronic equipment, they contain hazardous materials that can pollute the natural environment for centuries if not properly handled for disposal. Minnesota made it illegal in 2007 to dispose of computers and other high-tech items as trash or in the state’s landfills. Hazardous and toxic materials can leach out of them over time and find their way into our groundwater, rivers and lakes.

Once Minnesota’s law against improper disposal was passed, a statewide network of computer and technology recycling companies and organizations has grown to help consumers and businesses get rid of unwanted devices safely. On this website, our interactive maps and directories will help you find recycling facilities in your own neighborhood. Proper e-waste recycling will help prevent hazardous materials like the ones listed below from entering the environment:

Proper Electronics Disposal Keeps Minnesota’s Environment Safe

The goal of Minnesota’s 2007 law against dumping computers and other electronic equipment had one primary goal: to keep hazardous materials out of the state’s landfills where they could pollute our states groundwater, rivers and lakes. Recovering valuable materials through recycling was a secondary goal. We created our Minnesota Computer Recycling website to help Minnesota consumers and businesses find local facilities that accept electronic equipment, computers and other e-waste for proper disposal. We hope you’ll use our interactive maps and directories to find the resources you need in your own city and county. When these devices are properly handled, we all benefit in many ways.